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IIMS Canada AGM Meeting Minutes

Minutes of meeting held on April 29th 2017

In attendance; Barry Andrews, Cecil Noronha, Ian Hopkinson, Harold Gordon, Don Rose, Don Kimura, Dave Logan, Jon Logan, Sarah White, David Wood, Justin White, Keith Davies, Peter Golden, George Geatros, Jostien Hoddevik, Lachlan Machenzig, Alistair Beaton, Mike Duff, Drew Korek, Chris Loat, Ed O’Connor (via zoom) and Don Tranter (via zoom).
Meeting Called to Order@ 10:22 PST

Opening Remarks:
Drew Korek welcomed our 2 guest speakers Chris Loat & Mike Duff then Ed O’Connor started his opening remarks. Ed reviewed what the IIMS Canada Continue reading “IIMS Canada AGM Meeting Minutes”

2nd IIMS Canada Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the 2nd Annual General Meeting of the IIMS Canada branch will take place on Saturday 29 April in Vancouver.

The IIMS Canada Committee invites all members to join the AGM (either in person or by video conferencing link) on Saturday 29 April 2017 for their 2nd Annual General Meeting, to be held at the Coast Plaza Hotel. There will be a business meeting, guest speakers, lunch, and opportunities to socialize with other members.

The venue is:
Coast Plaza Hotel, 1763 Comox Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Tel: 604-688-7711

For further details and to reserve your place email: phoenixmarine@shaw.ca

Please reserve your place by 27th April latest as either a real time or online zoom video conferencing delegate. See Conference brochure: IIMS Canada 2nd AGM brochure April 29 2017


Captain Ieuan Lampshire-Jones


With deepest regrets and sadness I have to inform you all that on 30th of December, 2016 our esteemed colleague, friend and mentor Captain Ieuan Lampshire-Jones  sailed away peacefully to Fiddler’s Green at the age 94. Captain Jones was one of the original founding members of the Association of Marine Surveyors of British Columbia and he has played a crucial and supporting role in the amalgamation process between  AMSBC and the International Institute of Marine Surveying and in subsequent formation of the IIMS Canada Regional Branch.

Captain Jones was born in a small village in Wales (Aberarth), Captain Jones followed in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather by choosing a career at sea. “You had three choices: farmer, preacher or seaman,” said Jones. He joined his first merchant ship, the Lottie Rolfe (part of the Swansea Shipping Company’s fleet) in November, 1939. Recalling his first Christmas away from home in the city of Le Havre on the Normandy Coast, Captain Jones described a lavish reception hosted by the British Consulate that was interrupted by bombs being dropped by “Gerry”.

For his participation in the Second World War, Captain Jones received a total of eight medals (six campaigns and two service):

  • 1939 – 1945 War Service Star;
  • Battle of the Atlantic Star with Clasp denoting participation in D-Day landings at Juno Beach, Normandy;
  • North Africa Invasion Star;
  • Pacific Ocean Service Star;
  • Burma Invasion Star;
  • Italy Invasion Star;
  • 1939 – 1945 Defence Medal; and
  • 1939 – 1945 World War II Civilian Medal.

Following the war, Captain Jones stayed at sea for two more years (switching from coastal to deepsea shipping to finish off his sea-time requirements) before attending the Department of Marine Studies at the University of Wales; the Southshields Marine & Technical College; and the City of London Polytechnical School of Navigation. It was then back to sea throughout the 1950s and 1960s and finally landing in Vancouver in January 1969 to open up a field office for SGS Supervision Services.

As the Senior Principal Surveyor and Manager, Marine for Gen-Testing Laboratories, Captain Jones built a formidable reputation for his expertise in marine surveying. The job involved the inspection of ships coming into Vancouver and, if in good order, providing cleanliness certificates; acquiring test samples; supervising loading; and final displacement surveys. Projects also included pre-purchase surveys and both on-hire and off-hire surveys for ship charterers.

Covering a territory that included the entire Pacific Northwest (from Northern California up to Alaska) as well as the Yukon, Greenland and Canadian High Arctic, Captain Jones was often an integral part of ship loading operations, especially for new terminals. He was even called upon to provide piloting through the fjords of Greenland (the Marmorilik Fjords) for Cominco to watch for — and avoid — ‘growlers’ (bits of ice broken away from icebergs).

As an industry leader, Captain Jones and four others founded the Association of Marine Surveyors of BC (AMSBC) in 1969. He was an honorary member of the AMSBC as well as the member of the Company of Master Mariners and the Welsh Society.

When asked about trends he’d seen throughout his career, Captain Jones was quick to note that most problems,  especially throughout the 1970s, related to cleanliness of the cargo hold and competency of the crew. “Less crew and time pressures were increasingly becoming issues,” said Captain Jones. “Vessels that used to be in port for eight to 10 days were now being turned around in three to four days. Ships in the 15,000 tonne-range would have 40 crew onboard and today, a ship of 70,000 tonnes would be lucky to have 17 people onboard.”

He also noted that onboard technology has, to an extent, played a role in changing the work of the marine surveyor. “Some ships have a system that tells you how much ballast there is or what the draft is but it’s not perfect and you can’t rely on it. You still have to follow the traditional methods of surveying and while there’s been no change in the kinds of calculations taken, the method to reach the calculation has changed due to technology.” And even though some ships now have systems that can check ballast or draft, the onboard system is only helpful as a backup for double-checking calculations.

While officially retired in 1988, Captain Jones was active in the shipping industry as a consultant and has even given presentations to high school children to stir their interests in both the mining and shipping industries.

Captain Jones left in deep sadness his wife Margaret Philomena (who was an active member of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force),  his three daughters, two grandsons, two grand-daughters and one great grand-daughter. His son succumbed to lung cancer in 1994 but had followed in the family tradition of going to sea.

Rest In Peace Captain Jones, thank you for your service, You will be truly missed.

On behalf of the International Institute of Marine Surveying of Canada

Captain Andrew Frank Korek

Regional Director 

IIMS Canada Regional Director wins top award

Drew celebrating his award at the IIMS gala dinner with Elle Hardham (far left) and Elly Bryant from IIMS head office
Drew celebrating his award at the IIMS gala dinner with Elle Hardham (far left) and Elly Bryant from IIMS head office

At the IIMS Awards for Excellence in Marine Surveying, IIMS Canada Branch Regional Director, Capt Andrew (Drew) Korek was announced as the winner in the Marine Surveying Project of the Year (Commercial Shipping) category. The awards were held as part of the IIMS silver jubilee celebrations as a centrepiece of the 25th Anniversary Conference. Sir Alan Massey, CEO of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, presented Drew with his award.

Drew was nominated for his attendance as Marine Warranty Surveyor and for the successful completion of the heavy lift project on the heavy lift vessel m/v ”Happy Star” from the BigLift Shipping BV to transport two complete shiploaders from China to Canada. Discharging and assembly operations were carried out in extreme arctic weather conditions with temperatures plummeting to -37 degrees Celsius plus windchill factor. The project is now the subject of a Mighty Ships programme.

Speaking about his award, Drew commented, “Although totally unexpected, I am truly honoured to receive this prestigious award.”


September 2016 Report Magazine published

IIMS has published the September 2016 edition of The Report magazine. Follow this link: IIMS Report Magazine

Highlights of this issue include:

• IIMS 25th Anniversary Conference and AGM. Full report and photos

• RNLI marine surveyors helping to save lives at sea

• Debunking the myths of the safety management system

• Why enhancing your standards as a surveyor really matters

• Verified Gross Mass – new regulations

• The hidden dangers of carbon monoxide afloat

• Synthetic (Composite) Rigging – An introduction

• A comparison of lashings for heavy lift cargoes

• A marine surveyor’s report on the new ‘Insurance Act 2015’

• A day in the life of Paul Homer

Committee members changes

Following IIMS Canada Management Committee meeting on Saturday June 11, 2016, the following personnel changes were evaluated, and voted in favor by members of the Committee.

1.)  Alister Beaton,  Secretary stood down and tendered his resignation due to commitments to his personal/professional
obligations, Alister will continue as an active member of IIMS Canada, and perhaps lead technical presentations in the future.

2.)  The Management Committee evaluated and voted in favor of adding two additional committee members (1) from the West,
and (1) from the East, to fulfill roles in regional representation, and expertise.

3.)  Names Presented to the Committee, for the Standing Positions:

a.)  Secretary – Barry Andrews
b.)  Committee Member (WEST) – George Geatros
c.)  Committee Member (EAST) –  Ronald De Bakker

The above names have been nominated by the Regional Director, and seconded by the Chairman, this strengthens the Management Committee of IIMS Canada, to conducts its business and administrative affairs, including organizational development and growth.

IIMS Canada Branch Committee elected

The inaugural meeting of the IIMS Canada Branch, following the successful amalgamation of the Association of Marine Surveyors British Columbia, was held at the Mission to Seafarers in Vancouver on Saturday. A good number of members were present in person with others joining online. Regional Director, Drew Korek, opened the meeting and chaired the proceedings until the new Chairman officially took up his position.

The principle aim of the meeting was to elect a committee, a goal which was achieved.

The new committee of IIMS Canada branch is as follows:

Chairman: Ed O’Connor
Secretary: Alistair Beaton
Treasurer: Jostein Hoddevik
Committee member (West): Ian Hopkinson
Committee member (East): Said Nassif

The Regional Director, which is a non elected position, is held by Capt Andrew Korek

IIMS Canada to place a wreath to at the Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony

atlantic-battle-convoyThe Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony is going to be held on Sunday at 10:00 on the 1st of May 2016 At Sailors Point in North Vancouver.

The Company of Master Mariners and the International Institute of Marine Surveying and others will be placing a wreath.

About the Battle of the Atlantic
The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous battle of the Second World War and one in which Canada played a central role. The battle began on the opening day of the war in September 1939 and ended almost six years later with Germany’s surrender in May 1945.

Continue reading “IIMS Canada to place a wreath to at the Battle of the Atlantic Ceremony”

IIMS Canada branch stamp

The IIMS Canada branch is having a special stamp made, which will be issued to all paid up members of the Institute.

Watch this space for more details. An image of the artwork showing what the stamp will look like is shown below.

IIMS Canada stamp
IIMS Canada stamp