Report from Marine Renewables Canada sets out the progress on marine energy during 2021

Canada’s national association for offshore renewable energies Marine Renewables Canada has released a report summarizing its activities in tidal, wave, and offshore wind sector in 2021.

Marine renewable energy projects and R&D are progressing in Canada, with several tidal energy developers approaching deployments as a next step in 2022, new partnerships to accelerate integration in remote communities, and a growing focus on how to support offshore wind development.

With many synergies between decarbonization of ocean industries and marine renewable energy, Marine Renewables Canada has been supporting activities in the broader ‘clean marine’ ecosystem, as well.

Additionally, the association has several members that are engaged in developing and catalyzing clean marine technologies.

“The potential for marine renewable energy to provide clean electricity, assist with decarbonization of other ocean industries and produce clean fuels like green hydrogen has always been there and has always been part of what Marine Renewables Canada is working towards, since 2004 in fact.

“If there was ever a time for our industry to grow and make an impact, it’s now. While there have been challenges and setbacks in advancing the sector, there has also been progress and success.

“We are entering an exciting time with six tidal energy projects under development in the Bay of Fundy, community projects being pursued across the country, and a growing interest to make offshore wind a reality here in Canada.

“We are seeing members lend their expertise to international marine renewable energy projects. Our federal and provincial governments are increasingly supporting and investing in clean technologies – and industry and investors are making decisions based on decarbonizing operations and greening their portfolios.

“Marine Renewables Canada has been determined to make this industry a reality for Canada because it holds such potential to contribute to a sustainable future. We truly believe that these coming years are the time we will see this sector grow and we look forward to working with our membership, partners, and collaborators to make that happen,” said Michel P. Samson and Elisa Obermann, the chair and executive director of Marine Renewables Canada respectively.

Download the report: MRC-Annual-Report-2021-Final

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